Christian Bentz (PI)

Christian Bentz is currently an Assistant Professor (Akademischer Rat a. P.) at the Chair of Multilingual Computational Linguistics, University of Passau. He received a PhD in Computation, Cognition, and Language from the University of Cambridge. His research interests include the application of information theory to natural languages, language evolution, and quantitative linguistic typology.

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Ewa Dutkiewicz (PostDoc)

Ewa Dutkiewicz is the curator of the Stone Age Department of the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin. She holds a PhD in Paleolithic Archaeology from the University of Tübingen. One of her main research topics is the emergence and evolution of symbolic communication in human history. She is an expert in Paleolithic mobile art and conducts fieldwork in western Romania.

Saetbyul Lee (Programmer)

Saetbyul Lee was formerly a student in computational linguistics and a student assistant at DFG Center for Advanced Studies "Words, Bones, Genes, Tools" at the University of Tübingen. She is currently junior software developer at WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, Karlsruhe, Germany.